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The loudspeakers from the pre-series production are then used for all validation testing, which is carried out at Faital's laboratory based on the customers specifications. The tests used to verify the reliability and performance of loudspeakers during their lifecycle vary enormously from customer to customer. As Faital has acquired a very wide experience in this area, it is able to share its know-how with customer by suggesting the most appropriate solutions and methods.

Faital has for sometime implemented a series of routine activities to be applied during this phase of product development and manufacture. These activities include salt fog tests, life tests, temperature and vibration test either carried out singly or combined together, as well as electric-acoustic asserments.

All these activities result in a detailed document that completes the validation stage of the loudspeaker system. The project review meetings that are held by the quality department and laboratory allow any problems to be monitored and corrected.