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Faital's Quality and Environmental policies reflect the company's commitment to clean manufacturing capabilities. An integrated Quality and Environment management system is the basis on which the company can consolidate its leadership in loudspeaker design and manufacturing.
Faital adheres to a Management-led ethical practice model which is implemented by making all employees aware of Environmental Quality issues. Awareness and proactive employee involvement have a positive impact on the company's organisational structure.
Constant Quality improvements are a source of pride for every member of staff in the Faital group. Each individual can carry out their work with the confidence that results from the application of good management principles, and with the knowledge that their contribution is environmentally friendly to ensure sustainable development.
Quality products, advanced services, innovation and consistent support, from product design to manufacturing, make Faital the leader in the loudspeaker industry. All stages of product development are carried out in accordance with applicable laws, directives and regulations, as well as Quality, Safety and Environmental requirements.
Faital uses the most appropriate raw materials, components, manufacturing processes and management methods, in order to prevent and minimise negative environmental impact throughout the whole product lifecycle.


The intense commitment of the Faital Group in achieving Total Quality objectives has been made evident in numerous ways including acknowledgements by our customers. Important international groups have, in fact assigned awards and prestigious titles to the companies which make up the Faital Group.

  • QSTP Award "Supplier Of The Year"
    Has been presented to Faital for eight years consecutively from 1993 to 2000. This award is assigned every year by the GM group on a world-wide level to its best suppliers taking into account aspects such as Quality, Service, Technology and Price.

  • "Order Of Merit" in 1997.
    This was awarded to Faital by Sony for the high level Quality guaranteed over the 10 years of supplies.

  • "Qualitas" Award 2001.
    Fiat assigns this award to those suppliers who have distinguished themselves for the quality of their products and the level of their service.

  • 2002, Saturn Supplier Quality Award. Excellence in Quality for Production Year 2002.
    Award assigned for the level of excellence and quality of the Faital products.

Over the years the Faital Group has obtained numerous Quality certifications. To date the companies which make up the group have successfully obtained the following certifications:

IATF 16949 Download Certificate
ISO 9001 Download Certificate
ISO 14001 Download Certificate

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IATF 16949 Download Certificate
ISO 9001 Download Certificate
ISO 14001 Download Certificate
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