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Faital's history reflects the Group's constant development and growth over the last 60 years. The various milestones that have been achieved since the Company was established in 1958 have allowed it to become an important point of reference in world markets.

Faital S.p.A. was established in Milan in 1958 as a small family-run business. At the end of the 1960s, Faital was one of the main Italian manufacturers of loudspeakers, accounting for 40% of national demand.
Faital loudspeaker were initially manufactured only for radios and audio systems and were later introduced into the market for television amplifier systems.
As a result of constant technical and business development, the company gradually expanded to cover many areas of industry.

Faital enters the automotive field and ventures beyond national boundaries with its first European clients.
In order to satisfy increasing market demand and new European clients, in 1974 the company opens a new plant in Chieve, near Crema.

The growth trend continues. Faital becomes the official loudspeaker supplier to various car manufacturers.
The company undertakes a modernisation and technological development process with investments aimed at updating plants and enhancing the areas of Research and Development and Human Resources.
The company commits to TOTAL QUALITY and sets its main objective as "Zero Defects".

In the early 1990s, Sofaital S.A. was established in France and a new plant was opened at Argenteuil, near Paris.
A few years later, FAITAL started a participation in a new manufacturing facility opened in Spain at Vacarisses, Barcelona.
As a result of the new factories being established - Sofaital in France and Fabrica Iberica in Spain - the Faital Group becomes the leading European manufacturer of loudspeakers for the automotive industry.
The Group considers with increasing interest the possibility of entering the North American market.

In the new millennium, the Group consolidates their achievements after almost half a century in business by successfully entering the North American Automotive market. A sales and logistic center is established near New York city in the USA in response to market opportunities and in keeping with the Group's philosophy. Similarly, to increase their capacity and competitivity, Faital establishes a new manufacturing facility in Hungary and a new sales & logistics center in Hong Kong to support their Asian clients. The new millennium also marks the beginning of a diversification strategy for Faital that leads to the development of the Professional Audio Division and the FaitalPRO brand, a full line of premium loudspeakers for Professional Audio applications. The group's constant growth is the result of an ongoing commitment to achieve a complete understanding of Clients' requirements. Design, manufacturing and product quality control systems are all proactively geared towards Total Customer Satisfaction. The company's mission is to ensure that the four basic features of Faital products are met: Technology, Quality, Service and Competitiveness.