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When the process of drawing and defining the technical characteristics of the various parts of the audio system has been sufficiently consolidated, Faital builds the first version of the loudspeakers. This stage is achieved by the construction of pilot tools or the use of rapid prototyping techniques, such as laser sintering of baskets, so that parts very similar to the final ones can be quickly put together.

This allows electrical and acoustic measurements to be carried out in the laboratory, so that actual verifications can be made as to the compliance of products in relation to project specifications. At this stage the working group assigned to the project, co-ordinated by the project leader, can predict reliability problems in the final product using third-generation DFMEA methods. In addition, aspects relating to the industrial manufacturing of individual parts can be assessed, providing an initial outline of production flow and defining any special manufacturing equipment that will be required.

This verification stage is extremely important. In addition to allowing the required adjustments and changes to be made to the loudspeakers, this stage provides an opportunity to present useful suggestions to the customer for improving overall the product, including audio amplifiers or DSP that may influence the quality of the audio system.

All problems that are found and any changes that need to be made to individual parts are discussed at appropriate inter-functional progress meetings. This allows their possible impact both in terms of cost and production, to be assessed using a detailed reliability evaluation based on advanced PFMEAs, while ensuring that development deadlines are maintained.

Obviously, the customer is involved in this stage so that any changes to the initial technical requirements can be agreed upon.