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The project has been completed. From this point, the production department is responsible for ensuring that production volumes required by the customer are met and verified using R@R (Run @ Rate) tests, in accordance with product characteristics set out in the project specifications.

Production processes are verified and optimised through continuous quality control on the production line. All loudspeakers manufactured by the Faital group are fully checked when they come off the assembly line. Loudspeakers are tested individually using special computerised equipment, which verifies in real time six electro-acoustic parameters relating to nominal use conditions specific to each product. Defective items are rejected. Quality Assurance and the Plant Committee continuously monitor production progress. In the case of non-conformities or a deterioration in the level of production rejects corrective actions, either internal or relating to second-level suppliers, are identified and implemented.

In addition, a general management committee oversees the progress of all Faital plants throughout the world, in order to ensure that a uniform level of product quality is achieved wherever the customer requires manufacturing to be carried out.

Manufactured products are provided with a Free Pass and tracking codes are sent to the warehouse. Finished products are shipped in accordance with the customers delivery schedules, received via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Products are labelled and packaged as previously agreed with the customer.

Most of a product is emotion and Faital ensures the emotion of perfect sound.