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Since it was established, Faital's mission has always been to design and manufacture custom loudspeakers based on each client's individual applications. This commitment throughout Faital's 50 years of history has allowed the company to develop specific expertise, which means that it can now design and manufacture any type of loudspeaker using a range of materials.

Our product lines

Depending on the market sector for which products are intended, Faital is currently capable of manufacturing loudspeakers that can be used in:

Faital manufactures products for all types of equipment, with tweeters fitted in car doors or mounted on the dashboard, midi-rangers for use with navigation systems or Dolby Surround, woofers for use in car doors or bass-boxes, including amplifiers.

Audio Systems
For this market, Faital is capable of manufacturing a very wide range of products, both for traditional loudspeaker boxes and multi-channel loudspeakers, such as those used in Dolby Surround systems.

Faital has been manufacturing loudspeakers for televisions for over 30 years, keeping pace with the developments and Client requirements in this industry.

Public address systems
Faital has traditionally been active in the Public Address field. The installation of Public Address systems and components designed by Faital ensures excellent results in all applications of this type: from airports to shopping centres.


Although the use of plastic has recently become increasingly widespread, especially for car loudspeakers where even complex integral mounting brackets can be produced quite easily, Faital has historically drawn upon its design capabilities to continue manufacturing housings using metal or light alloy castings.

In addition to its traditional products using barium or strontium magnets, towards the end of the 1990s Faital developed a strong design and manufacturing capability in the area of loudspeakers with NdFeB magnets, in both cylindrical and ring type configurations.
Currently, Faital loudspeakers with NdFeB magnets are used in millions of different types of products each year (from tweeters to woofers), and they have passed the most demanding environmental testing by the automotive industry.

Acoustic Cones
Although paper cones are considered by many to be the best in terms of audio performance, Faital currently uses various types of materials for the cones and the edges. Based on the acoustic performance that is required, the edges can be made of foam (including closed-cell foam for waterproofing purposes), cloth or rubber.
For the cones, some of the materials that can be used include fibreglass and Kevlar.
Faital has also developed its own technology to manufacture completely waterproof cones that can be safely used for loudspeakers in out door applications or in car doors without requiring special protection.
In the case of dome tweeters, there are a wide range of options using many different materials. For hard-dome versions numerous types of plastic are available, including the possible use of metal coatings, whereas for soft-dome versions Faital currently uses foam or treated silk cones.