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The major component of an audio system is the enjoyment that it transmits to the end user. This is the result of work that begins early on, once design models are ready.

Initially customer’s requirements are often not clearly defined. Therefore, Faital works in synergy with the customers right from the beginning. A number of meetings are required with the customer and the other suppliers involved in the project, in order to outline an initial concept of what the loudspeaker system will be like. A work group is set up within Faital, with representatives from all company departments, including design, sales, purchasing, quality, production and logistics.

Based on their work, valuable suggestions will be proposed to the customer during the project, as well as strict quality control criteria at each stage of the project. Firstly the type, number and size of loudspeakers in the audio system need to be determined, as well as their position in relation to listeners sitting in the car, room, or relaxing in front of the television. The performance of the sound system will largely depend on this positioning, which is often the result of an optimisation based upon the customer design choices and needs.